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Mackerel fishing always only takes place in late spring and summer, from mid-May to late September we go out for Mackerel from 08:00 to 15:30 hours. During this time, large numbers of mackerel swim in the North Sea. They are welcome summer guests.

Finding the mackerel is not easy. Fortunately, the skipper has lots of experience and all sorts of tricks to track them down. One is to follow the seagulls, which hunt sardines. Mackerel hunt sardines, too, chasing them to the surface where the seagulls pounce. The fish can also be tracked by radar and echo-sounder.

Catching mackerel does not require great fishing skills. The mackerel is a predatory fish and goes for almost any bait it finds. The best results are achieved by fishing with several sharp hooks attached to white or colored feathers. This standard fishing line is called feather tackle. A plummet of 200 to 300 g is attached. This plummet influences the selection of the fishing rod, which is best suited to fishing from the boat.

A boat rod is short (approx. 2 m) with a stable reel and approx. 50 -100 m of line.

Do you not own a boat rod? No problem. The Trip shipping company provides stable boat rods with high-quality fishingreels.

The mackerel needs to be cleaned as soon as possible after the catch, as it spoils quickly. If the weather is war, it is transported in a cooler with ice.

During the summer months, the Trip shipping company offers falke ice for sale. € 10,= per 25 Kilo.

In addition, 25l buckets are available in which you can store and transport the mackerel (the buckets prevent leakage in the car, bus, or train).

The crew of the ship will assist and advise you during your fishing trip.

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