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Since 1962, Rederij Trip has been a family business located in Scheveningen, which is concerned with game fishing ( Mackerel Fishing – Bottom Fishing – Wreck Fishing ), round trips and sea funerals.

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Trip Junior

Our boat named Trip Junior is a former fishing boat (a lugger), purchased by Rederij trip in the early 1980s. The maximum capacity for passengers is 72.

Built in 1956 by wharf de Jong N.V. in Vlaardingen, the boat was originally called the Katwijk 153 and baptised as Francina.

KW 153 Francina

The boat measures 40.60 meters in length and 7.25 in width.

The draught is 3.62 meters. Gross tonnage is 260.06.

The ship is propelled by a Caterpillar 3508 DITA engine that provides 855 PK ( kW 455 ) at 1600 revs, powering a 4-blade propeller with a diameter of 1.8 meter.

Onboard power is generated by 2 auxiliary engines:

  • John Deere 4045 DF 158 van 60 PK (44 kW)
  • Mitsubishi S4S van 30 kVA

The history of  TRIP

The origins of Rederij Trip

In May of 1924, de Haagsche Courant newspaper published a comic strip of a little man made of matchsticks and acorns. That figure was called Tripje. Tripje was a fast and smart guy. Just like Dirk Roos Senior (born in 1895). He quickly earned the nickname Tripje in Scheveningen.

Together with their father Roos (the last boatsman in Scheveningen), Bert and Dick Roos Junior founded a tugboat company in 1962.

Bert and Dick Junior immediately thought of a good name for the tugboat: TRIP. Father Roos wasn’t too pleased with this choice. He didn’t talk to his sons for three months.

But the tugboat company became a huge success and father Roos was very proud. In 1964 they acquired a second tugboat, the Eurotrip.

Two tugboats weren’t enough to supply the illegal radio ship Radio Noordzee Internationaal off the coast in Scheveningen and in 1970 they bought the Trip Tender. On weekends this boat sat idle. This really bothered the Roos family.

They decided to take passengers on fishing trips. This became such a huge success that in 1976 they added the Trip Senior. This boat was named after Dirk Roos Senior.

In 1982, the family bought the Trip Junior and named it after Dick Roos Jr. (the son of Dick Roos Jr. and grandson of Dirk Roos Sr.), the current owner of the shipping company.

The two tugboats, as well as the Trip Tender and Trip Senior have been sold since then.

In May 2022 the Trip company is sold to Rederij Vrolijk.

Pavilion Vrolijk

Next to the pier we have a pavilion where you can meet other participants or you can collect the tickets for sports fishing and rent a fishing tackle if necessary.


Parkeren There is ample parking space around our pavilion and our ships.

Parking is free until 18.00 hours !


On board of our Trip Junior

GSM reception on board

As of the beginning of August you will have aboard our M.S. Trip Junior a much-improved G.S.M. connection to the mainland so that you can call home or business without any problems.
This G.S.M. connection makes it is also easier to pay with debit / credit card on board.


Mackerel fishing always takes place in late spring and summer, from mid-May to late September. During this time, large numbers of mackerel swim in the North Sea. They are welcome summer guests. Mid-May through September we go out for Mackerel from 08:00 AM to 03:30 PM.
Anchor fishing, as the word implies, means fishing from an anchored vessel. Anchor fishing is also known as bottom fishing. In contrast to mackerel fishing and wreck fishing, you are fishing on the ocean floor. End of September to end of May we go out to bottom fish from 08:00 AM to 03:30 PM for flatfish, whiting and cod.
In the months from October to May we go wreck fishing: fishing over a wreck that lies on the sea floor. It may be the remnants of a small boat or part of an aircraft or an entire large ship. Furthermore we go out from 07:00 AM to 05:00 PM to wreck fish from the end of September to the end of May for cod
Boat Tours
You can take a boat trip almost anywhere in the Netherlands where there is water, but taking a boat trip in the North Sea is really unique.



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