Info Anchor fishing

This type of fishing takes place from approximately mid-September to late May.

Anchor fishing, as the word implies, means fishing from an anchored vessel. Anchor fishing is also known as bottom fishing. In contrast to mackerel fishing and wreck fishing, you are fishing on the ocean floor.

Anchor fishing is the calmest, most relaxing, form of marine fishing.

Leaving from the port of Scheveningen, the ship anchors after a 30-60 minute ride. The main motor is stopped, and amid the quiet a wonderful fishing experience is ensured.

If little or nothing is caught during this stop, the captain may decide to go somewhere else.

When anchor fishing, the best baits are lugworm and sandworm. You are likely to catch three varieties of fish, all edible: dab, whiting, and young cod.

The required tackle consists of a line with three leaders and three hooks (size 2).

Since you are fishing on the ocean floor, you need an anchor plummet - a plummet with four claws on the bottom, shaped like an anchor - weighing approximately 250 g.

In addition, a stable fishing rod is of great importance. If you do not own such a rod, simply rent it from the Trip shipping company.

Fresh bait is also available for sale.