Info Wreck Fishing

In the months from October to May we go wreck fishing: fishing over a wreck that lies on the sea floor. It may be the remnants of a small boat or part of an aircraft or an entire large ship.

When wreck fishing, the sport-fishing boat quickly drifts over the wreck due to wind and current and has to quickly be restarted to do a lap and then drift over the wreck again. You have relatively little time to cast the fishing rod and let the bait sink down to the wreck. For this reason, we recommend the so-called long wreck fishing from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. This gives you approximately 2.5 more hours.

For the long wreck tour, the sport-fishing boat leaves the harbor for an extended period (count on about 2.5 hours), but you will have more time for fishing due to the longer wreck tour.

When wreck fishing, you will mainly catch large quantities of cod and some pouting (Trisopterus luscus).

Lugworms and sandworms serve as bait.

The tackle consists of 2-3 large hangers with large hooks (size 4) and heavy plummet (300g). A stable fishing rod is required.

If you are in doubt as to whether you have a suitable fishing rod, simply bring it along on the day of the trip. An employee of the shipping company will examine it and determine whether it is appropriate or not. If it is not suitable, no problem – You can rent a good fishing rod including reel, tackle, and plummet for €15.